​     This site is dedicated to my life as an artist. You’ll find the story of my development as a painter and potter, as well as a gallery of my work. 

About Me: 
I was born in a Chicago suburb where I lived throughout my childhood.  As a young girl, I spent hours drawing and regularly invested my "hard-earned" allowance in art books.

After college, I married and moved to New Mexico where my awesome children grew up.   The connection with my natural surroundings was peaked, during that time, by the wonderful differences between the Midwest and Southwestern United States.  Our family spent time outdoors regularly and travelled throughout the parks and mountains of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  Although I was not yet painting, there were an abundance of other creative outlets which presented themselves.  I entertained myself by doing needlework and creating wreathes and arrangements from wild plants and vines that I collected while hiking or camping.  I also took a huge number of photos in an attempt to capture the images of which I had become so fond.

Later, when my children were grown, my life took on another direction.    I moved back to the Chicago suburbs  in order to be close to my parents. That is when my love for painting bloomed.  Years later I was transplanted to northern California and began another adventure.  I have had no formal training other than occasional workshops and classes with artists whose work I have admired. These pages display some of the work that has followed. 
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