Watercolor Development
My favorite painting medium has always been watercolor.  As a child, I admired one of my mother's close friends who painted magical beach scenes and did pastel portraits.  I wanted to be her, when I grew up.

After settling into my new job back in the Midwest, my sister invited me to take an evening watercolor class with her.  I was hooked!  Admittedly, my social life was limited at the time and painting filled the void with an art I had always yearned to explore.  Eventually, My sister, mother and I began Art in the Garden a semi-annual event, in Mom's beautiful garden, featuring my paintings and my sister's gourmet food and wine.  It was a fun way to diplay all of our talents.

As I attended various workshops with noted artists from around the country, my style continued to develope.  My favorite subjects are florals, still lifes and landscapes.  Having lived in both the Midwest and the Southwest provided me with a wide variety of subjects to which I felt a connection.   The painting on the right is a setting from our family's lake cottage in Wisconsin where I have spent summers since I was an infant.

Tea and Hydrangeas
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