California "Pothead"
Recently, I began practicing another form of art that has always been on my "bucket list", ceramics.  It has proved to be therapeutic, socially interactive and one of my preferred pastimes. 

In September 2006, I moved to California to be with my newfound love and was fortunate that there happened to be a local ceramics club and studio nearby.  I became a member and began to play in the mud.  

Throwing pots on the wheel is serene therapy, however I also create some hand-built pieces like the wine coolers shown on the left.  These employ a technique using underglazes to obtain  hand-painted decorations.  The majority of my work is functional.

Pit firing, in which I participate only once a year, is an exciting and primitive process, which yields a vast variety of results produced by chemical reactions in the fire.  It's a marvelous experience linking me to historical techniques of native Americans and the results are always a surprise!  

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Wine Coolers
Decorative  Pottery 
Seasonal, hand-painted and  pit-fired designs
Functional Pottery
          "Watermelon"  bowls