One of my favorite hobbies is painting silk scarves.  They have become very popular accessories and the possibilities are endless.  Painting wet into wet on Habotai  (a lightweight  sheer silk)  produces lovely watercolor effects.  More concentrated color applyied to heavier silk such as  Silk Satin(SS), Crepe de Chine (CDC) or Silk Charmeuse (SC), which have a lovely drape, creates a richer effect.  Here are a few of my latest creations.
Prices range from $60-100 USD (Shipping not included)
Blue Eucalyptus
(H811- 11X60)
On Fire
(CDC8 - 8X50)
Double Blue
(SS11- 11X60)  
Olive Branch
(SS11- 11X60)
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​Circling the Sun
Salt Water
(SS11- 11X60)
​(H811- 11X60)
Winter Berries
(H811- 11X60)  $65
Aztec Garden
(H811 - 11X60)
Peppermint Candy
H811 - 11X60)
(H811 - 11X60)
Ecru Against Sky
(SS11- 11X60)
(H8LS - 8X72)
Time and Space
(H811 - 11X60)​
​(SS11 - 11X60)
(H8LS- 8X72)
​Indigo & Maize
(SS11 11X60)
Sun, Wind & Sky
(SS11- 11X60)
(H811- 11X60)
Midnight Blossoms
H811 (11X60)
Holly Berries
(CDC11 - 11X60)